TNEA CODE : 1512

Department of Civil Engineering

Programme Educational Objectives (PEO)

PEO 1 : Basic Mathematics and Science Apply the knowledge of engineering and basic ideas to identify and solve problems related to the needs of the social environment.

PEO 2 : Employability and advanced education Succeed as professionals pertaining to research, advanced education and to execute a project with ethics related to civil engineering.

PEO 3 : Higher Studies using advanced tools Update knowledge through continuous education using of advanced tools, values and issues related to the environment and sustainability among the society.

PEO 4 : To Become an Entrepreneur Become a self-entrepreneur in the construction industry.

PEO 5 : Lifelong Learning Pursue lifelong learning and lead a team of professionals in their own chosen field.

Programme Outcomes (POs)

Programme Outcomes (POs)
PO 1Graduates will have the knowledge of basic sciences, mathematics and engineering in the field of civil engineering.
PO 2Graduates will have the ability to identify, formulate and solve pertaining to the civil engineering problems.
PO 3Graduates will have the strong foundation on design engineering solution or process to satisfy the social
needs including safety and environmental precautions.
PO 4Graduates will be able to identify, analyze and interpret data to arrive at conclusions implementing practically.
PO 5Graduates will enable to use the modern techniques and IT tools for solving engineering problems.
PO 6Graduates will have sound knowledge to assess engineering problems with social context.
PO 7Graduates will have sound foundation on issues related to environmental sustainability.
PO 8Graduates will be able to apply professional ethics in handling civil engineering solutions.
PO 9Graduates will demonstrate the ability to work together and share the team spirit.
PO 10Graduates will have good communication skills for writing and presenting effectively.
PO 11Graduates will have the engineering and managerial skills to lead a team for execution of projects.
PO 12Graduates will have the updated information through rigorous learning.